Blitz Scorpion Head Guard

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Ideal for children and adults when training and competing, the Blitz Scorpion Head Guard provides the most durable and shock absorbent material to protect your head. 

A number of ventilated openings are placed around the head guard to keep the wearer cool and comfortable during combat. The adjustable Velcro strap under the chin allows for the most secure fit. Made from EVA, that's easy to wipe clean before and after use.

Size Head Circumference
Small 55cm - 56cm
Medium 57cm to 58cm
Large 59cm to 60cm

We would like to recommend to all of our kickboxers to wear a head guard during sparing for safety.

 Reasons FOR wearing a headguard:

 - Confidence; a punch or a kick will not feel as hard through a padded helmet, this gives a fighter more confidence to move forward without fear of injury

- Prevention of facial cuts of bruises; in a world where most participants have jobs outside of the sport to attend, keeping blackeyes to a minimum might be very important

- Ear protection; perforated eardrums and other injuries can occur through blows to the ear, most headguards provide padding which will help to prevent this

- Colliding heads; a problem during sparring can be an accidental clash of heads which can have nasty results. Wearing headguards largely removes this problem

- Requirements; many martial arts competitions require the use of a protective helmet, therefore you'd face disqualification if you didn't have one