Blitz Semi Contact Head Guard

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Constructed from Nama Hide™ Leather, this semi contact head guard includes a Velcro cross design fastening on top of the head and a Velcro strap under the chin for a compact, comfortable and precise fit. Ear sections are bound, safeguarding your ears. A breathable, moisture absorbing, anti-microbial lining is also included to retain freshness. Easy to wipe clean before and after use.

Size Head Circumference
Small 53cm - 54cm
Medium 55cm - 56cm
Large 57cm - 58cm
X-Large 59cm - 60cm


We would like to recommend to all of our kickboxers to wear a head guard during sparing for safety.

Reasons FOR wearing a headguard:

 - Confidence; a punch or a kick will not feel as hard through a padded helmet, this gives a fighter more confidence to move forward without fear of injury

- Prevention of facial cuts of bruises; in a world where most participants have jobs outside of the sport to attend, keeping blackeyes to a minimum might be very important

- Ear protection; perforated eardrums and other injuries can occur through blows to the ear, most headguards provide padding which will help to prevent this

- Colliding heads; a problem during sparring can be an accidental clash of heads which can have nasty results. Wearing headguards largely removes this problem

- Requirements; many martial arts competitions require the use of a protective helmet, therefore you'd face disqualification if you didn't have one