About Us

Alex Hart KAIZEN is the think tank of Alexandra Hart, 5th Dan Black-Belt in Karate and Kickboxing, Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, Qualified Nutritionist and a Mummy to three children. The story of Alex Hart KAIZEN started when Alex was nine years of age. Her parents chose karate as an extra-curricular hobby where Alex could learn the important life skill of ‘self-discipline’ and ‘self-defence’.

In 2020, the programme was refined, and in addition, tailored for younger students aged eleven years and beyond. ‘Life 360°’ supports teenagers through their senior school years.  Anxiety, exam stress, depression, self-talk, self-belief, goal setting and creating positive choices in their life in all relationships which surround their lives.

The brand Alex Hart KAIZEN is strong, with happy, confident children and adults embarking on their own health and fitness journeys, and competitions being won far and wide.

In 2021 we present you Alex Hart KAIZEN Clothing to help you find comfortable sports wear easily accessible, so you can commence your fitness journey alongside us. Our vision is to motivate, inspire and welcome everyone from junior to senior, using fashion as a tool to further our connection with our community.